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Next Generation Business Academy:

Since 2004 our Next Gen program has taught business and financial literacy to high school students of all ethnicities. Students learn how to write business and marketing plans, create financial projections, develop commercials and even how to pitch their products and services. All of this to become better equipped to start, operate and grow a business. (more)





It Takes a Village with STEM:

Program that connects students to STEM using creative methods and technics. Professionals volunteer to teach Junior Achievement pre-set courses in STEM related subjects to youth from 1st - 12th grade who may not have had an interest in STEM at first. This Introductory method we believe will ignite the interest of students to further explore STEM related subjects and careers. “It Takes a Village” concept implies the use of local community professionals and volunteers as instructors and supporters. (more)





Intern to Perm:

Program that connects minority college students, especially African American students to Silicon Valley Corporations looking for those students for internships positions and possibly future jobs. (more)









Small Business - Incubator Program:

We help businesses prepare for success by providing the tools, know-how and technical assistance to launch them towards their goals and objectives. We provide low cost rental office space, free parking, use of conference facilities and Wi-Fi internet, along with a customized set of curriculum for their specific business. We help them prepare strategies for growth, finance and how to pitch their product or service. We can even help them with their exit strategy. All of this as part of our small business services - Incubator program. 









Mobilize Your Business with IVQ Next Gen Smart “Mobile Services”

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Webinars, Workshops and Trainings

Attend in-person or from the comfort of your home as SVBCC provides technical assistance in many areas that help a business person start, grow, finance or even exit their business, all for more profit. We are about business so are classes are designed with you, the business person, in mind. Most classes are held in-person on Saturday mornings, while webinars can be at any time.



SBDC Consulting – Small Business Development Center services

Working with our partners the Silicon Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, we provide (FREE of Charge) consultative services using certified SBDC advisors. These SBDC Certified Advisors work with you and your business to help you succeed. Our goal is to help you make an economic impact buy either retaining jobs, creating new jobs, increasing your sales, securing financing or just starting your business itself. To succeed in business you will need help; start with us.



Financing Your Business 

Whether you’re looking for Equity or Debt we can help you. Call our office to make an appointment and see an SBDC certified business advisor for financing advice and assistance. (408) 288-8806. We have a vast array of relationship that could possibly help you and your business.




Looking for employment? Call our office (408) 288-8806 or send an email to to get information on how to complete your resume and who to send your resume to. Balance Staffing a member of the Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce specializes in making potential employee to employer connections, professionally.


Jobs: Balance StaffingOther jobs see current newsletter

Contract opportunities…call chamber for more details.





Next Generation Business Academy



Next Gen is designed to provide business and financial literacy skills to high school students. Our program prepares at risk and LMI youth for entrepreneurship if they chose to go into business for themselves. Creating a business plan and how to pitch your product and or service is paramount for success with the 21st century entrepreneur. Next Gen prepares our youth for global competition. 


The brainchild of former President Joel Wyrick, Next Gen has prepared high school youth for entrepreneurship for over the past 10 years. Some of Next Gen’s participants have won national honors against stiff competition from students from around the country coming from solid well known entrepreneurship programs like NFTE, National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship and JA, Junior Achievement. One of Next Gen’s local winners actually visited president Obama.


The future for Next Gen is bright as new president Carl Davis Jr has broaden the outreach of next Gen and has added 2 expanded programs, “It takes a Village with STEM” and “Intern to Perm”. These two separate program actually work hand in hand as “It takes a Village with STEM’ is designed to connect with our youth as early as 1st grade and continue through High School or 12th grade introducing students to creative ways to be involved with STEM related projects by volunteers or professionals in STEM. “Intern to Perm”, a program designed to connect local college or college age youth to Silicon Valley tech and other companies is sort of a “warm handoff” from “It takes a Village with STEM”. Being connected through teaching, mentoring or just connecting these students is the way the dropout rate for youth of color will definitely decline. We’re making it difficult not to successful!!




"It Takes a Village with STEM" & "Intern to Perm"


Two independent programs working together as one comprehensive solution to better prepare our youth, especially youth of color, to compete in this new global economy.


Our Goals: 

To significantly impact the high school dropout rate of minority students in Santa Clara County while providing a vehicle for them to either enter the workforce as skilled employees through internship or to start their own businesses as entrepreneurs.


Our Objectives: 

To collaborate with students, teachers, community leaders, corporate business professionals and volunteers to create ingenious methods that introduce STEM and STEAM related subjects to LMI youth in Santa Clara County. These programs working in harmony are designed to discover learning tools that get students engaged and then keep them engaged in the above learning disciplines.  Our belief is that if students are engaged and stay engaged not only will their grades improve but their cognitive skills and their creative approaches to problem solving will be enhanced and thus better prepare them for this new very competitive global market place.


Our Strategies:

Design a reasonable and do able model of using volunteers from schools, universities, corporate America, chambers of commerce, retirees and adultsinterested in giving 1 hour a week for 4 to 5 weeks towards our pilot program “IT TAKES A VILLAGE with STEM” program that targets youth from grades 1st -12th grade. Then create a warm handout to our “Intern to Perm” program designed to connect college students to corporations within and around Silicon Valley that promote and engage in internship opportunities.


Partner with Organizations (like JA, Junior Achievement and IBP, Institute for Broadening Participation and others like MESA, etc.) that have a proven track record in designing and modeling programs that introduce STEM and other subjects in creative ways to keep youth engaged in these subjects.


To focus initially on 1 class at the elementary, middle and high school grade levels to measure and track our progress and impact in reducing dropout rates and increasing interest in STEM related subjects. Simultaneously, we will track what choice of professions or occupations these youth decide to pursue after high school and after college.